Small change for

big impact.

Wisebox is a reusable takeout container program for Toronto's restaurants and cafes that gives consumers a waste-free option when they takeout.



Wisebox's mission is to prevent the use of single-use disposables with the development and implementation of systematic alternatives. We develop improved systems for our fellow community members in Toronto so that we can reduce our waste generation together.


We work with locally-owned restaurants to divert takeout waste with reusable programs.

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Why we Wisebox

Disposables must go.

How Restaurants can Join

Become a Wisebox partner today and start offering a new and improved way to takeout.

Participating Restaurants

Support restaurants that offer reusables.

Wisebox in the News

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Wisebox fits seamlessly into your takeout routine. 

Order your takeout in a  reusable container for a deposit

From a participating location

enjoy your meal waste free

On the go, from the comfort of your own home, or wherever the wind blows you

return or exchange it

Visit any participating location to refill your box with a meal, return your box for a refund


It's that simple!

We have power.

We have power in our daily choices. ​

We can use the collective power of our buying choices to cast a vote for a healthy future. Together, we're making a sustainable choices.

Piece of cake!


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