About Wisebox

We envision a world where sustainability is accessible to all.

Wisebox's mission is to prevent the use of single-use disposables with the development and implementation of systematic alternatives. 

A social enterprise start-up, we develop improved systems for our fellow community members in Toronto and host opportunities for all of us connect and collaborate on ways we can reduce our carbon footprint together.


Why Wisebox?

We decided to tackle single-use takeout products because we are wasting a vast amount of resources for a mere 20 minutes of convenience.

While the climate crisis is a global problem, reducing single-use plastic in our community felt like something we could manage on a local level.


We work with locally-owned restaurants that have the flexibility that allows them to test something new, and are members of our community dealing with similar local concerns.


This is why we’ve started here, in Toronto, with take-out.

Together, we can use the collective power of our buying choices to cast a vote for a healthy future.

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