Why Wisebox?

We made it easy to make a sustainable choice.

We can try to clean up our environment, but unless we turn off the plastic consumption tap we won't be able to stop the problem.

Today's society needs convenient, hassle free alternatives. This is why Wisebox was designed to fold seamlessly into your daily routine - so you didn't miss a beat. With Wisebox the sustainable choice is the easy choice - and you don't have to waste time or money to be a part of the movement.

A New System

Wisebox offered an alternative: we changed the system to make it circular, changing "dispose" to "reuse."


What's wrong with disposables?


Single-use disposable items generate endless trash that fills our landfills and clogs our oceans. And don't forget the resource extraction, energy consumption and waste generated from the production of these items.

Community wants change

Torontonians are asking for sustainable solutions: 84% of us that participated in the last Toronto Waste Strategy Survey strongly support the reduction of disposable use.

Ecosystem & Planet

Disposable takeout items are primarily made of plastic or foam, and never leave: they only break down into smaller pieces. We now know that we're all eating thousands of bits of plastic every year.

What about recycling?

In Canada, we currently recycle less than 11% of the plastics we use. And some plastics (black included) are not recycleable in Toronto systems.


What about compostables?

Toronto's waste management systems don't accept most takeout containers labeled as compostables. This is usually because many "compostable" items are often incorrectly labeled as such, and have a plastic lining that makes them garbage. Furthermore, they're still a single-use item that takes resources and energy to create and is only used for a brief period of time.


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