Wisebird Collective

Becoming a member of the Wisebird Collective gives you great perks and you know that you're helping to expand our impact and reach

our collective goal of

1 million disposables diverted.



Wisebox members receive exclusive discounts at participating restaurants and rewards through Wisebox.

Annual Membership

  • The Wisebird Collective is optional. You don't need it to rent a Wisebox.

  • As a member of the Collective, you still need to pay the deposit to rent a Wisebox.

  • Once you place your order, we will mail you your Collective membership card. Then, enjoy!

How to sign up:

Choose your level of support

Keep your Collective card on you

Order your meal at participating restaurants in a reusable

Show your card to receive your discount

GIVE back to the community

15% is given back to the Wisebox restaurants to support their waste reduction efforts. 

Collective Membership Options:

Wisebird offers 3 membership levels so that you can choose the level of support that fits you. Each membership level offers different perks.

The discounts offered by participating restaurants are the same for every level and applied to meals in reusables.

Receiving your membership card

We can put your membership card in your hands in one of two ways:

1. Select "Pick-up from Wisebird" at checkout, and send us a message to wisebox@wisebird.ca. You'll coordinate pick-up with one of our team members from the Center for Social Innovation Spadina location (192 Spadina Ave.) between the hours of 9am-6pm. Pick-up must be pre-arranged. This option is offered to reduce mailing costs and associated carbon emissions. 

2. You may pay a $1 flat rate to cover the cost of mailing your card(s) to you. If you purchase multiple memberships, the rate remains $1.

Wisebird Collective Terms & Conditions

Participating restaurants determine the discount available to Wisebird Collective members. The discount varies across locations.


Wisebird Collective membership is not to be shared.

Participating restaurants have committed only to offering the discount on meals. Additional items (such as retail goods) do not qualify for the Wisebox member discount. Some items may be ineligible for the discount. If you have questions about what items do or do not qualify, please consult restaurant staff directly.

The discount shall only be applied to items ordered in a reusable container. For example, for an order of 5 meals, 1 in a reusable container and the remaining 4 in disposables, the discount is only applied to the 1 meal in the reusable. 

Restaurants that are not Wisebox participating restaurants (participating restaurants are listed here) have not agreed to offer a discount to the Wisebird Collective. Some restaurants may offer discounts for customers who bring their own container, but that is independent of the Wisebox program.

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